Jun 20, 2013

One More Favorite Thing...

Not sure how I missed this item when I posted last week about my favorite baby items, but a must have for us are the Bumkins bibs.  Since we chose Baby-Led Weaning for Bman, these have been a lifesaver and a time saver, because they don't require me to do laundry after every meal.  They are super easy to rinse off in the sink and dry pretty quickly if hung (I usually have mine hanging from the kitchen faucet).  We have lots of cloth bibs that we use when the Bumkins ones are dirty or wet, but I seriously hate using them.  They soak through and don't catch the food!  If B could talk he would say he loves them too because at the end of the meal, he is always finding some scraps that fell down in to the catch all pocket :)

Speaking of Baby-Led Weaning, did any of your see the article in the most recent issue of Parents magazine?  Although, I am not really a person who needs validation for the choices that I made in life, it was nice to see the exposure to this philosophy for introducing solids.  I have some thoughts to share about this topic but I will save that for a later entry.  Happy Thursday, all!

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