Jun 11, 2013

... A Few of My Favorite Things...

Months ago I blogged about my favorite baby products and with a recent surge in friends having kiddos and asking for advice, I thought that I would do another post about my must haves for baby at this stage.  Some of these items are things that I love, while others are things that Bman currently loves.  If you only shop via internet, like me, (because I have no time to go to he store anymore) I have linked each product to Amazon for your shopping pleasure :)

Ergo Sport Baby Carrier:  In the beginning I used the Moby wrap but switched Bman to the Ergo around 12 weeks when he had great head control and could straddle me while keeping his legs at a 90 degree angle.  You can wear a newborn babe in this (Ergo) with the infant insert, but I found it to be too hot and bulky so I just waited until he was older.  B was not the type of baby who needed to be held all the time, but I liked to have him close.  Now, he prefers to be worn rather than in the stroller when we go out for our evening stroll with the dogs.  Our neighbors constantly comment on how crazy I look wearing a baby and walking 160 pounds of Weimaraner.  Not crazy to me, just a part of my daily life :)

Last thing about the Ergo-- there are several different styles to choose from (organic, performance, etc.) and I choose the Sport because the straps are long (for Aaron) and it is lightweight and breathable.

Aquaphor:  This is to me what Windex is to the Portokalos family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I use it on his bottom, his cheeks, his dry skin patches, you name the spot on his body and I use it.  Around 7 months Brody's skin started to be really sensitive to lotions.  I'm not sure if it was the weather, or food he was eating but he would get dry skin patches on his back.  I mentioned it to the doctor at his 9 month appointment but he did not seem too concerned since otherwise B seemed healthy.  It was at this point I stopped using lotion and just stuck with the Aquaphor.  It really seems to keep the rash and dry skin manageable.  Ask your pediatrician for samples to keep in your diaper bag, so much easier than lugging around a large tub or skin ointment.

California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash:  As mentioned above with his sensitivity to lotions and soaps, I have found that California Baby is gentle enough for him.    Good thing a little goes a long way, because at $20+ a bottle I would be broke!  Although bath is a part of our evening routine, I don't wash him with soap every night.  This also seems to help a ton.

California Baby Sunscreen Stick:  Brody hates sunscreen!  We have tired a million (again due to his sensitivity) and the stick makes the application process quick and easy.  He screams when you put it on his face but this product makes the it a little more tolerable.

Mineral/Zinc Sunscreen:  I could seriously have a small retail store of sunscreen in my home.  I have bought several kinds and found that the ones he tolerates the best are Alba Kids Sunscreen and Babo Botanicals Suncreen.  Both rate really well on the EWG list of safe sunscreens and have provided broad coverage for him.  They do leave him (and everything he encounters) with a white tint.  That is the only tough thing about the mineral or zinc oxide sunscreens:  they don't rub in the best.  The Nutrogena Pure and Free didn't cause him to have a reaction but it had a few ingredients in it that I was not too excited about.  I keep it in my car for a back-up in case I don't have the others.

Aden and Anais Blankets:  These are seriously my favorite baby product.  The swaddle blankets have been used in a million ways.  When he was little they were great for swaddling, covering, and wiping spit-up and now, we use them now as blankets, nursing covers, peek-a-boo, cleaning up spilled food, etc.  With every wash they get a little softer and have really held up great over the abuse they h ave received in the past 10.5 months.  He also has a Dream blanket and this blanket is also amazing!  It goes to school with him and has become his 'blankie.'  It's heavy, but because it is made out of muslin, it breathes really well.

Angel Dear Blankie:  He got this as a gift from a friend and within the last few months has established a strong preference to this security blanket.  No matter where he has rolled to in his crib, this blanket is right beside him or in his hand.

Boon Bath Toys:  For whatever reason Bman finds these to be hilarious.  Every night in the tub he picks them up and gently tosses them over the side of the tub.  he waits for me to pick them up and then just laughs hysterically as I place them back in the water.  They are super great because they do not adsorb the water which means they don't become filled with mold or mildew.

Munchkin Mozart Musical Cube:  Brody is really in to turning things on and off and he loves the music and lights.  I also like this toy because the songs do not get stuck in my head and it's not overly loud.  Do you find that some toys are just too loud??

LeapFrog My Pal Scout:  This has resurfaced in our house with full force.  B loves to push the buttons and hear Scout say his name.  For those of you familiar with this toy, he really pronounces the child's name with accuracy, so Brody sounds more like, "Bro-dee,"  with an extra long pause between the syllables.

Blocks:  Any kind of block he is really enjoying.  He has some wooden, some plastic and a few soft blocks.  He really enjoys banging them together and eating them.

Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls:  These balls shake, rattle, and roll and he loves everything about them.  The Easter Bunny brought them for him and he loves to bang them together like he does with the blocks.

Take and Toss Cups:  Go figure, after trying a million cups and spending a small fortune, Brody prefers the cheap Tupperware type cups.  No handles, no thrills, just a plastic cup with a lid.  He does like a straw cup as well but since he uses these at school, we try to stick solely to these as he nears his first birthday and will drink mostly out of a cup.

Bright Baby Books:  He loves the one with the baby animals; especially when he flips to the page of the Weimaraner puppy.  He smiles from ear to ear!

As Bman inches toward his first birthday and he is on the the move, we have some fun toys put away that we will unveil to him in July.  I think by this time all of his current toys will have expired to him.  Even though I mentioned a few of his favorite toys above, his real favorite 'toy' is actually the dog's food and water bowls.  Yesterday as he crawled to the water bowl for the 100th time, I tapped his hand and gave him a stern, 'no'!  He looked at me, paused, and then signed 'more'.  Not sure if he meant more water or more (gentle) hand slapping, but either way he was on a mission to bathe in the dog's water dish.  Oy!

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