Oct 27, 2014

Landon is 2 Months!

Well that was fast. So fast I haven't even had a chance to do his one month updates.  I am guessing this is how it will go, life with two is just a little more busy.  Poor kiddo doesn't even have a picture on the wall, mantle or surface- please tell me I am not alone in that your first kiddo is wallpapered all over the place and number two is just lucky to have pictures of them on the phone.

We seem to have hit the jackpot again with an awesome sleeper and easy going kid.  Don't kill me or send a hitman my way but we just seem to have gotten lucky.  Not sure what I did to please the big guy upstairs but we are blessed for sure.  Even the pediatrician was shocked when I shared (at that time) Landon was pulling 9-10 hour sleep stretches at night.  Last week he did 11 and we are for sure two and through.  I am not pushing my luck on this one.

He is settling in to a routine and taking a long mid morning (70-90 minutes) and afternoon nap but having more awake periods throughout the day.  I love and hate this time (awake periods)  at this age, Love seeing his smiles and hearing his cooing but often during this time he just wants to be held. Ergo to the rescue!  Lots of walks with the pups and house cleaning while baby wearing.  He's happy so I am happy.

I can't quite tell yet, but it looks like I may get my brown eyed boy.  By this time it seemed like Brody's eyes were getting lighter and Landon's are still that steel gray color.  I mean I did all the work for 9 months I should get a kid that looks a little like me, right?  I don't think I am being selfish on this one :)

Wanted to share a LOVE product with you.  Landon still seems to get the hiccups three or four times a day and Kids Relief Gas and Colic has been a saving grace.  It's a homepatic solution to relieving gas, including hiccups.  No side effects, drug interactions and doesn't have any dye or sugar.  Mama approved here and also sold at my favorite place, Target!

Now for some pictures of this sweet kiddo:

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Oct 19, 2014

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Taking B to the pumpkin farm today may have been the highlight of my time as a mom.  The joy and excitement on his face the entire time was just so amazing.  All day he kept asking when we were going to the pumpkin patch and then saying he was 'cited' (excited).

It was also wonderful to see how much fun he and Aaron were having.  If I could just bottle up his curiosity and energy I would melt every day from here on out.  Sure, there are some strong willed toddler moments we are facing with as of late but days like this make me forget all about them.

This to me is where the fun really begins.  I hate wishing away time but I love this age and cannot wait for Landon to get here too and enjoy the seasonal festivities in the same way his brother does.

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Sep 2, 2014

Welcome to the world, Landon!

On August 26th our world as we know it was forever changed and we welcomed sweet baby Landon.

My labor and delivery was fast and went wonderfully. I was induced due to the coagulation disorder and as with any induction you never know how it may go. Luckily for me I've had two perfect inductions and two heathy babies as a result.

When I arrived on the morning of 8/26 I was 3cm dialated and 75% effaced so it seems Landon was making some good progress on his own. Dr. Z broke my water just before 8am and Pitocin was started. Contractions came on much faster than with B and much more intense. Dr. Z came back to check on me at 11:30 and I was 4cm so he headed back to the office and I thought I'd catch a nap. Heck, why not, could be my last one for awhile. My epidural was in so I was comfortable.

75 minutes later the nurse came in to check on me because Landon's heart rate was a little erratic. Turns out he was really low and I was fully dialated- 4-10cm in less than 90 minutes. Since I was so numb I asked to wait to push and they turned off the epidural. An hour later and 4 pushes sweet baby L graced this world.

I'm feeling incredibly blessed. I've always dreamed of being a mom of boys- football Sunday, grass stains and worms. Yup, I dig it all.

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