Oct 19, 2014

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Taking B to the pumpkin farm today may have been the highlight of my time as a mom.  The joy and excitement on his face the entire time was just so amazing.  All day he kept asking when we were going to the pumpkin patch and then saying he was 'cited' (excited).

It was also wonderful to see how much fun he and Aaron were having.  If I could just bottle up his curiosity and energy I would melt every day from here on out.  Sure, there are some strong willed toddler moments we are facing with as of late but days like this make me forget all about them.

This to me is where the fun really begins.  I hate wishing away time but I love this age and cannot wait for Landon to get here too and enjoy the seasonal festivities in the same way his brother does.

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