Feb 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland

We had the perfect day.  Slept till 8, had a family breakfast of omelettes with broccoli and peppers, and sipped on hot chocolate after playing in the snow.  Does it get any better than this?

Overnight we got close to a foot of snow to already add to the 6-8" which fell yesterday afternoon.  The snow continued to come down until about 2pm today and we have roughly 22" of snow in our front yard.  It's beautiful and surreal.  I forget that only two and a half years ago this was nothing to talk about.  Living in Buffalo I can't remember a time when we didn't have at least a foot of snow in our yard between December and March. How quickly we forget.  And how quickly I seem to have lost my winter books, hats, gloves and heavy jackets.  I think they are packed in a box somewhere.

 I had big dreams of Brody sledding and really playing in the snow but honestly it was almost too much for him to really get in to.  The snow was nearly as deep as he is tall.  He did really enjoy watching Aaron shovel (who gets some serious props for his amazing work today) and eating the snow.  More than playing in snow I think he loved the hot chocolate that was greeting him at the door.

 "Is that for me?"


Do you know what's even better about all this?  We get o repeat it all over tomorrow.  Universities are closed again and I get to spend Valentine's Day with my loves.  Stay warm everyone!
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