Feb 16, 2014

Weekend Randomness

Well I wished for one snow day and I got a 4 day weekend.  It was awesome but I am ready to get back to routine and I am sure B is excited to go back to school and see his friends.  He also has his homemade Valentine's to deliver to all his buddies and girlfriends.

While home over the past four days here are some randoms things:

1. How did we live in Buffalo?  I miss Buffalo and all the people daily, but man, after this snow storm I am not sure how I lived there.  Of course they treat the roads and are prepared to move the snow.  Here, it shut the town down for 2 days and there are still no sidewalks.  Taking care of the dogs has been so stressful to me and I think they forgot how to live in the snow and they are both native to Buffalo.   They do not like doing their business if you know what I mean.  So yes, taking them out has been exhausting.

2.  My child is auditioning to be in the next filming of "Rookie of the Year."  He has a serious arm on him.  Balls, food, blocks, trains you name it, he throws it.  One (train) almost took my eye out.  I am finding my teacher voice and needing to employ my skills of managing a toddler room.  It's crazy though, it seemed so much easier when it wasn't my kid.

3.  My house is a mess and I sort of throw in the towel.  It's like trying to shovel when it's snowing an inch and hour.  Don't get me wrong, to anyone stopping by they would probably think it looks clean but I hate clutter and I love a clean house. Aaron and I have decided it's time to leave the big tasks to a professional so I am calling a house cleaner this week.  It's like Christmas in February!

4.  I am one week into the new 21 Day Fix program and it is awesome!  Simple nutrition and after the first two days really easy to follow.  The first two days took some organizing and lots of planning but I have it down now.  I am not trying to lose weight so I am following the recommended calories for me (1800-2000) and using the containers for portion control.  I have a challenger who has lost 4 pounds in her first week.  Oh, and the servings are plentiful and the workouts are no joke.  My tush is still sore from the workout on Friday.

Ok, that is all from my random mind tonight.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. very random if i do say so myself.