Feb 10, 2014

Sunday Crafts

Hi, it's me, the absentee blogger.  You missed me, right?

Life has been hectic and crazy but in such a great way.  Brody is a maniac and I am loving this wild 18 month old.   He is happy all. the. time.  Well of course until you remove him from the kitchen table that he worked so hard to climb on top of.

I am finding myself getting back to my roots as an Early Childhood Educator and finding ways to structure our days.  This is challenging because the weekends always tend to be jammed packed with errands and cleaning.  This weekend I sort of just said, "screw it" and we had a great weekend at home.  Anyone know a good house keeper? Other than one of the three bathrooms and my kitchen floor not much cleaning got done.

Back to the purpose of my post.  A quick trip to Michael's after a visit to see Aaron at the pool resulted in some materials to make Valentine's for his teachers and classmates at school.  Brody still thinks crayons are a snack but I will say by the end of this he was so much better.  Lot's of repeating, "crayons are for coloring" or "keep it on the paper," (see back to the teacher roots of positive redirection) and he did great work.  He had a blast eating, err I mean sticking the stickers on the cards.  Baby steps.  Rome wasn't built in a day, right?  Surely he will stop eating all the craft supplies soon, right?

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