Jan 27, 2014

Not My Week(end)

Ever have one of those days, or in my case weekend where nothing seemed to go right?  That was my weekend for sure.

Let's rewind to Saturday morning.  Aaron was traveling and B and I had a date at the pool in the afternoon so I needed to tackle our to-do list in the morning.  Target run for a new swim suit for B (only had ones from last summer) and grocery trip because this kid is eating me out of house and home.  On my way out to Target I noticed I need gas so I decided to stop on the way there.  I pulled up to the pump, turned off the car only to realize I parked way too far from the pump.  Back on goes the car and I pulled the car within 6 feet of the pump this time.  I filled my tank and hopped back in the car. It was freezing this morning, wind chills has the temps close to 0 so I was excited to get the heat pumping again for B.  I turned the key and all I heard was clicking.  Crap!  My car is dead, or something...I have no idea but it won't start.  I approached a man at the other pump and he came over with jumping cables, but nothing.  Grrr! Thank goodness for AAA, a phone call was made and they would be to me in 90 minutes.  What to do for 90 minutes in the freezing cold????

I decided to carry Brody over to Kroger (not too far) and grab a few items that we need to get through the day since I have no fruit or really anything to feed him for lunch.  He is crabby, wants to run, yet I have him strapped in the car seat.  We grabbed some bananas, Ezekiel bread, swiss cheese, razors, (you know because I am headed to the pool this afternoon and have not shaved with a razor that is not dull in weeks) and grapes.  It was all I could carry while still hauling a 26 pounder on my hip.  We burned about 40 minutes and I headed back to the freezing car.  Brody was NOT happy to be strapped back in to his carseat in a cold car.  Luckily, AAA far exceeded the timeline and arrived right about an hour after I called them.  I was fearful what was wrong, but with a little juice from the big truck, the Honda started right up.  Phew!

It's now about 11, I have a grumpy toddler and a not so happy mommy.  A call from a friend and an invitation to play at the local toy shop was just what was needed.   Bman ran around, climbed, played with trains, threw balls and was livid when it was time to go.  So, I did what any rotten mommy should do and decided to buy him an awesomely overpriced wooden toy.  He loved it and he is so damn cute.  Plus, the car didn't cost me anything (yet) so I guess I can afford a $30 staking toy.

We headed home, he took a nap and I realized I don't have a bathing suit for him!  I pulled out the 12-18 month suit and surprisingly his Buddah belly still fit! The rest of the day went off without a hitch and lots of fun was had by all.

I assumed the worst was behind me.  Surely Sunday had to be less stressful than a broken down car in 10 degrees with a hungry, restless toddler.  Since I accomplished nothing on my to-do list Saturday I was running around all day Sunday and in the chaos I dropped my three month old Iphone 5 and shattered the screen.  I am still so upset about this, and even may have a glass chard (or two) stuck in my finger.  Fun times!

So far Monday seems to be less expensive and not as stressful.  Well of course until I came home to discover Willis had eaten the $30 wooden toy I bought B on Saturday.  Maybe this will teach me to buy things out of feeling bad for him versus need?  I guess Willis showed me...

Found these and thought they were fitting:

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  1. My monday was exactly like that. Esp at work. If something could go wrong it did. My computer locked me out twice and it seemed like anything else that could go wrong went wrong and I got upset about it several times.


  2. Hoping today is a better day for you! So far, so good here :)