Dec 15, 2013

We're Back! Motivational Monday Blog Hop!

Sick kids, busy lives, it happens but we are back and at it for another installment of some Monday Motivation.  Boy, do I have a great one for you!

The past 6 months of my life have been amazing because I can do what I love and help and guide people.   I want to introduce you to one of my dearest friends, Maggie.  Maggie defines friendship and compassion-  she is selfless and so caring.  We worked together and what makes her so awesome is that she is so committed to the success of others.  However, this past July, she started to focus on her health and wellness needs and it's paying off big time.  She has more energy and she feels better than ever.

Talk about one proud coach (yup that's me!) She is getting married in June and I cannot wait to celebrate her and her amazing fiance!

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The Motivational Monday Link-Up is a way to share inspirational posts with other blogger friends.  Monday can sometimes be a day of the week that we dread, especially after a great weekend, so let's inspire and motivate each other every Monday!  So let's go, let's share those posts!

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  1. Wonderful post! Healthy changes in lifestyle can definitely lead to feeling better and having much more energy. It is not easy to do however the benefits make it all worth it. Motivation is also a big part of it as well.
    Have a great day :)
    Bismah @

    1. I agree 100%! You need to make the commitment to accept change for sure.

  2. Amazing results! Seriously!
    I also lost weight thanks to good old exercise. <3
    used to be 240, now 145. c:


    1. WOW, good for you! That is some amazing progress. Keep up the awesome work.