Nov 27, 2013

No Bella!

I really thought these would be Brodyman's first words.  It seems like all day I am saying, No Bella!  So much so, that I have thought about writing a book about it.  It would of course just be for our house as I am sure the author of No, David!  would not like it so much since it would be very similar.  I am not that creative to come up with my own work, hence, why I am not a children's book author like David Shannon.

As many times as I yell at her throughout the day, he (Brody) keeps loving on her.  He may even love her more than Willis.  This I cannot explain because Willis lets Brody hug and wrestle with him, while Bella just runs away.  She steals his food (out of his hand most times), licks his face nonstop, and always sits within 6'' of him; yet, he secretly enjoys her company.

So today, when I returned home from Kroger with all the supplies I need for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast the unthinkable happened.  Well I guess that is not really a true statement because when in involves Bella and food anything can happen, but she ate the apple pie that was for dessert in 20 seconds flat.  No joke.  I placed the bags on the floor (I know stupid on my part) and went to the car to get B.  When I came back in, poof!  The pie jumped right out of the bag and onto the floor.  All the while she was frantically eating pie and Willis was just standing there with his disapproving look on his face.  Hard to describe but he does this often when Bella is doing something she shouldn't be doing.  He will look at me with these eyes like, "mom, you gotta come see what Bella is doing."

She is seriously rotten.  We adopted Bella from a family who had children and now that we have a kiddo I can see why she was such a pain.  I love her to death, but man does she challenge me some days.  Especially when she eats the pie of a women who has not had any dessert in over two weeks.  Damn, that was going to be some yummy pie.  I don't indulge much, Bella so on the one day I decide to why do you have to ruin it for me?

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  1. What a nightmare! I think I would have cried. Hopefully you have time to buy or make a new one.

  2. I would pay to have seen that all go down!