Oct 7, 2013

Total Sucker

Yup, the marketing executives and the sale monster's win again.  I was just telling my parents last night that I was not purchasing a costume for Brody this year.  It seems unpractical.   He is too young to trick or treat, I don't get home with him from work until after 6pm, and it's too damn expensive.  Bah Humbug is right!  Wait, that's Christmas, but I will probably be a scrooge for that this year too because again, he is too young to know any better and yes still too expensive.

Fast forward 12 hours... I received an email from Cater's with costumes for $15.  Wait, only $15??  He still won't trick or treat, and I still won't get home until after 6pm, but damn will he be the cutest little elephant.  Don't you agree?

I am such a sensible person but when it comes to sales, clothing, and my kiddo I just have no restraint.  How is it that I can resist a cookie but not a sale?  Does Beachbody make a product to help with this?  I certainly need it!

The good news is that he will get to wear it for more than just a picture; his classroom is having a party and also a parade. Once I heard this news this morning I was able to justify the purchase.  Well that and it was on sale, duh.  My job allows for me to use 16 hours a year for community service so my hope now is that I can help with the party and the parade.

See, I am not such a scrooge after all...

Anyone else find these holidays and traditions to to sucker them in?  Do you make non-sensible or unnecessary purchases just because of the hype?  I am guilty as charged all. the. time.

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  1. Hahaha! I love this! I am the exact same way. We have been trying to save money and I am fine with not going out to eat as much, not buying anything for myself, etc, but I can't stop buying stuff for Myra.

    Maybe we should start a support group for people like us. The problem is that I know the first step is admitting you have a problem and wanting to get better. I have no interest in getting better and I don't think you do either. :)

  2. You are so right. Yes I have a problem, and no I am not willing to change.