Oct 10, 2013

In Life You Have Two Choices...

You can be an Eeyore or you can be a Tigger.  

This method of summing up people was first brought to my attention by Randy Pauch, the author of The Last Lecture.  For those of you who have not read this book, it's amazing.  If you prefer a video and would like to preview his message, you can watch the mini lecture he gave on Oprah.  Or,  if you have an hour and a half (I promise it's worth it) watch the full lecture.   I use this book and the lessons he teaches every year in the classes I teach and with the student's I work with.  I gave you three ways to see what it's all about, I dare you to choose one :)

Randy Pausch was an optimist.  He chose to live life to it's fullest and to give thanks and reward to those who supported him.  He didn't stress over the little things or allow others to influence him and guide him; he was an innovator and a hard worker. He was a Tigger.

So what is a Tigger?  A Tigger is someone (like Randy) who chooses to see the positive in all situations and influence others around him.  Tigger keeps going when things may be hard, and presses on when others try to bring him down.   This person wants the best for those around them, and enjoys the company of others.

The opposite of that would be Eeyore.  Poor Eeyore, the sad depressed donkey in Winnie the Pooh.  Eeyore is notoriously known for losing his tail and always feeling blue.  He struggles to find happiness and is pessimistic.  Poor.sad.donkey.  No matter how many times Tigger tries to bring him happiness he just chooses to be sad.

Everyday I chose to be a Tigger.  I like to encourage, to support and be there for people, to lift them up.  While at times this may be an annoying trait, it's who I am.  Maybe I'm annoying but I need the positive to keep me going.  I am attracted to people who are like me and in the past have tried to avoid people who are like Eeyore because I find it draining.  This doesn't mean I won't try to change their perspective or attitude, because I most certainly will, but if I am unsuccessful I may just move on.

This is my motto, and I am sticking to it.

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    1. Thanks for being a positive influence to me Megan! You have been such a great asset to the T25 group!