Oct 17, 2013

Let the good times roll...

Bman celebrated two exciting milestones today: he turned 15 months old and officially threw his first temper tantrum. Lucky us. One would think I'd be prepared for this; after all I did spend three years teaching in a toddler classroom, but man, this came out of no where.

It started at dinner, he ripped off his bib, signed and said 'all done,' so I took his tray away. Nope, clearly not what he wanted, (even though he told me himself) because he threw his head back which then resulted in knocking it on the back of the chair which of course brought the tears. Oh and the limp body and screaming. Did I mention I came home from work with a headache? Well I did and this really helped.

We headed upstairs to tub, which always brings a smile to his face. Nope, not tonight. Limp, lifeless, screaming on the bathroom floor. I manage to get him undressed and plop him in the tub. He'll be happy once he sees all his toys. Nope. Frown, arm throwing, which of course resulted in water splashing in his eye and of course led to more tears. I quickly washed him and scooped out the teary, grumpy baby.

Lets try brushing teeth, shall we? He loves to brush his teeth; well actually he loves to chew on the toothbrush, but whatever he loves this routine. Nope, no tonight. Tonight I couldn't even get him to sit down. He was arching his back and just miserable.

At this point I gave up trying to appease him. No idea why he was so upset tonight. Did I do something for him that he wanted to do? Lately we are in the 'I do it' phase so I am careful not to hijack his independence but geeze, tonight I needed a stiff drink and ear plugs.

I hate that this is how our evening went. I literally see Bman for less than two hours in the evening and the last thing I want is to rush him in to bed. However, maybe tonight he just needed it. I'm hoping tomorrow brings smiles and easier routines.

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