Oct 20, 2013

Fall Fun

It's no secret that I love all things fall and force it upon my family to enjoy it as well.  I guess it's not really forcing them since they like all things pumpkin and Aaron supports my addiction to buying cinnamon spice or pumpkin whatever scented candles.  Seriously, I have a problem.  I bought three at Target today because 1. they smelled amazing and 2. they were on on "sale."  I didn't really feel that $9 a candle was a sale but because the sign said so and the sticker was there convincing me it was 30% off, I bought three.  I'm such a sucker.

After a morning feast of pumpkin pancakes and running errands around town, we headed to the pumpkin farm in the afternoon.  It's actually a tree farm but this time of year they convert to a pumpkin farm with hayrides, corn mazes, hot cider, petting zoo and some other local vendors.  Our friends joined us and it was a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon.

Mmmm.. Pancake Sunday, pumpkin style.

 Brody loved the goats and kept saying, "ba ba ba."

 Brody with his leading lady, Aisling

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