Aug 3, 2013

More Info About Low Glycemic Diet and Sample Schedule

Many of you have asked for me to post a sample menu while on the low glycemic diet (which I prefer to call a lifestyle). I will post more in depth recipes later but for now, I'll share a sample day and some tips and suggestions if you are thinking about doing this.

Please know that the removal of carbs entirely is only for two weeks. After that time you can add them back in slowly and responsibly. The idea of this is that you remove all the things you don't really need and retrain your mind about eating.

I'll be 100% honest, the first four days were HARD. All I wanted was a breadstick, pasta or a piece of toast. Having Aaron as accountability made it so much easier for me, and for us. We menu planned and shared in the cooking and prep ( since meals on the fly were a thing of the past).

The hardest meal of the day for me to make good choices? Breakfast. The mornings are a mad dash to get out the door so for me two pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter was the answer. Until we got Shakeology during week 2, breakfast was two eggs scrambled with salsa and a small amount of cheese. I have a weird aversion to eating non breakfast foods at breakfast, so eggs was the only non carb thing I could think of. I love eggs, but everyday and in a pinch for time? Not so convenient.

In the first phase you aren't allowed fruit either. While (most) fruit is very healthy for you, some is really high in sugar so they are avoided for the first two weeks. Man, did I miss my morning banana or afternoon apple. It took some getting used to but we survived and I am happy to report I had an apple today.
Sample menu/schedule:

7:00- eggs scrambled with salsa and cheese

9:30/10- mozzarella cheese stick

12/12:30- 1cup cottage cheese, sweet potato

3/3:30- 12 almonds

7:00- grilled chicken with tomatoes, side salad and grilled squash

One thing that was great in this process is that we really explored with new spices. Most are all ok, (sauces and condiments no because they are full of sugar) and I used them in ways I never thought I would.

Other things we ate and still eat:

Steak salads
Chicken and bean bowls
Grilled pork chops
Stuffed peppers

The general rules for this lifestyle are: with dairy- eat low fat when possible. Many times fat free versions have added sugar to make them taste better. This is true with salad dressing too. Use in moderation, but choose regular vs. light or fat free. Again, in moderation enjoy whole fat ranch.

Because not all fruits and veggies are created equal, there are some that are not prohibited on the low glycemic diet. These include: bananas, pineapple, watermelon, corn, carrots, peas and white potatoes. I cannot live without bananas so I am allowing myself 3 per week. Better fruits would be: apples, berries, cantaloupe, peaches, plums, and honeydew. For veggies choose: lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes or sweet or green peppers. Truly eat the rainbow.

So when shopping what do you look for on the label? Look at the sugars. Anything less than 10 grams is OK but less than 5 is ideal. Stick to the low fat cheeses and dairy and avoid fat free dressings.

What I am loving about this:

It's realistic and I can maintain this. We can still eat out and make good choices because we have retrained our mind about food.

We are eating more clean. We're not completely there but getting closer. Far few processed foods going in our bodies.

I have more energy. No more afternoon slump.

My skin is so much clearer! I was such a mess before changing my diet. I seriously looked like a teenager again.

What is difficult:

Planning. You need to make sure you have snacks on hand to curb those hunger spells. My desk is filled with an assortment of mixed nuts. Keep some other snacks in your car or purse for those times you get stuck somewhere and you are affraid you'll fall off the bandwagon.

Satisfying my sweet tooth. The first week without shakeology was really hard, but now that i have it, it really helps with my need for chocolate. 16 delicious ounces of sweet, healthy yummimess.

Being creative. Usually I would have turned to canned sauces or pre made condiments to help flavor my food. Now I have to do it and be innovative. Spend some serious time in the spice aisle and fall in love with cumin, chili powder and sea salt.

Please note: I am not a nutritionist and do not have a background in this area. My knowledge is a result of reading books, scouring the Internet for good and valid sources, and from the advice and tips of people who are in the field of nutrition. Do not make any changes to your diet without consulting your doctor and know that everyone's results may vary. I am a firm believer that you are what you eat. I was a pasta bowl and now I am choosing to be a grilled chicken breast :)

I intend to post some of the delicious recipes cut after Crossfit, and a double up if T25 yesterday I am still wiped! I will add a tab to the blog with recipes so stay tuned for that.

In closing, and most importantly I feel great. When I got dressed today I put on an outfit I wore 4 weeks ago on July 7th at Brody's birthday party. My shorts fit amazing now and I have a waist again!

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  1. You look amazing! Good for you. I know how hard it is to give up carbs, especially bread and pasta. Myra is completely gluten free (has never even tasted it) and Josh and I try our best, but still succumb to pizza on Friday nights. :) We gave up processed foods, canned/jarred sauces, store bought salad dressings, etc when I was pregnant, but dessert is my downfall! My sweet tooth is literally out of control. :)

    I am so glad that this is working for you. You have always looked great, but you really can see a different in the pictures. I am sure that is the best motivation ever to keep going!

  2. Thanks, Becky! The sweet tooth is too my killer. Shakeology is helping but I still miss salted Carmel gelato. I guess we all deserve a cheat day every now and then, right?