Aug 4, 2013

A Letter to My Toddler

Well I think this might be the letter some of you have been waiting for.  My sweet, quiet, easy-going baby has now found his voice and he has a lot to say.  To convey my message I have chosen the form of a letter:

Dear Brody-

Thank you so much for testing my patience while shopping this afternoon.  It is exactly what I need when I am sans daddy and off all sugars that would normally soothe me.

I know you hate shopping at Michael's just as much as your father does, but mommy really needs some new frames for your adorable new 1 year pictures.  I know, you don't understand why our house needs to be a shrine to you with your face posted on every wall, table top or counter space, but you are cute and I love you.  Just 5 more minutes as I lay frames on the floor trying to choose the perfect gallery.  Ok, I lie, I need closer to 15 minutes.  And you not screaming in my ear would maybe speed up this process.

Just one more stop today, sweet boy, I promise.  I need to get a new bra at Target because post nursing has left me, well, a little smaller in some areas.  Yes, this means I need to put you in your car seat while we drive 500 yards to the next plaza.  I don't know why they don't put mommy's favorite stores next door to each other.  Maybe the owners of Target and Michael's should join forces.  This would save me time and the headache of a fussy baby.  Here, have a snack while we drive for 30 seconds.  Wait, why are you crying?  Oh, you threw your snack on the floor.  Please wait, and I'll get it for you after I park.

I know we only came here for a bra, but I also need paper towels, cat food, maybe new earnings, you could use some more binkies for school, and socks.  They were on clearance, who could resist. I know this is a longer trip but if you would eat the snacks and not keep throwing them on the floor you might be happy.  I even bought you goldfish and teddy grahams because I am desperate for a few minutes of you not screaming in the cart.  Just 5 more minutes, buddy.  Ok, I lie, maybe more like 15.

You made it through the stores and just one more small task to ask of you, please enjoy the car ride.  I could really use 15 minutes of this drive to just think.  Here is your binkie, I'll even clip it on to your shirt so you don't accidentally toss it on the floor and lose your mind that you don't have it.  Just 15 minutes until we are home.

Bman, we have 7 more days until daddy gets home.  While I will always love you to the moon and back, I'd appreciate a little more  of the easy baby tomorrow.  This unruly business better have just been an off day for you.

Till tomorrow,


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  1. Happy to hear your hubby will be back soon! Mine was gone for 4 days and my daughter and I missed him dearly. God bless Papas!

    New subscriber via Bloglovin and GFC! Found you via the linkup.

    Have a great week,

  2. Cute letter. I totally know where you're coming from. My 22 month-old has serious patience issues sometimes, especially when I think I'll be finishing a task much faster than actually happens. Our biggest meltdown time is meal prep. As soon as she feasts her eyes on the food coming out of the fridge, she gets super excited and fusses until she's strapped into her chair with a plate on the tray. Have a super week, Courtney. Visiting from the Mon. Mingling hop.

    1. Oh I know exactly what you are talking about! My little man does this when he sees my glass of water too. He nearly hyperventilates until he gets a sip!

  3. I love your letter to Brody! I can relate. Completely. Visiting via the Monday Mingling Hop and I'm your newest follower. Cheers!

    Brooke @