Aug 6, 2013

Exciting News and New Opportunities!

Well, for starters Bman's last two days have been much better than Sunday. However, remember that bra I went to Target to get?  Being that I was in a huge rush I grabbed a bra on the hanger with the size I needed, but when I got home I realized the tag had a different size on in.  I thought those cups looked really big.   Back to Target we'll go again next week.  Until then, I will continue to wear my bra's that I nearly need to stuff with socks to give shape.

And no, I am not pregnant.  Though the title might have lead some people to think that.  I am beginning a new adventure.  Since my experience with Beachbody, the products, and most importantly, the people have been so amazing, I have joined Team Fit and Fierce as a coach!  I am so inspired by this group of people because they not only hold me accountable, but they are so motivated to help others. I will continue to rely on them for support in reaching my own physical and wellness goals, but I too will be able to do the same for others.  I am rejuvenated and feel like a young 20 year old, not the 30 something I really am.
Because I could not wait to get started in this journey, I am hosting my first mini-challenge in a few weeks.  I have five amazing challengers committed to join me and I cannot wait for them to experience what I am loving.  My learning curve is huge, but as I mentioned, I am surrounded by an excellent group of people who are here to ensure my success.

To new adventures and helping others.  Two of my favorite things in life.

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A Humble Bumble


  1. That is INCREDIBLY exciting good for you Courtney! So happy to hear of such wonderful things happening for you. I look forward to reading more about your continued success xo

  2. How exciting for you!! I am on a new adventure too and am feeling so much better. Good luck!

    Thank you so much for sharing on A Humble Bumble's Healthy Tuesday's Blog Hop!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill