Jul 24, 2013

Mum + Bub Review

Two weeks ago I received a package in the mail from the kind people at Aden and Anais and it contained three of their new products from the Mum+Bub line. I have not been shy in sharing how much I love this company, especially their muslin swaddling blankets, but I think I have found a new love in this company.

Let me start by saying that as a mom who is paranoid to put most lotions, ointments and shampoos on my baby because of the lengthy list of chemicals, this product is not one. It's free of: phytoestrogen, parabens, added hormone disrupters, petroleum oils, phthalates, dioxanes from sulfates, gluten and soy, petrochemicals and artificial colors. Not seeing any of these chemicals on the bottle already bumped this product up on my list, but it's what the product does that makes it fabulous.

Infused with pawpaw fruit, (cue "way down yonder in the pawpaw patch) it smells heavenly! The soap is thick and lathers well which means you only have to use a small amount. Not all soaps are created equal in this department so let me assure you, a little goes a long way. The next morning Bman's hair was silky soft and he still smelled delicious. The great smell was due to the natural extracts from the flower, not some nasty chemicals.

You know what's even better? This product is not only for your sweet babe but also for you! I have used it three times (I wash my hair every other day) and I like it for me too! Since it is only a shampoo and wash, it doesn't give me the conditioned feel but it did make my hair shiny and not dull looking. I don't think it's my forever shampoo but from B, it might just be.

In addition to the shampoo and body wash, they sent me lotion and ointment. The lotion smells just as amazing as the shampoo and its not greasy. It lathers on easily and keeps his skin moist. B's skin tends to be on the dry side so this is a plus for him. And for me? My hands are moisturized and too smell fantastic!

I have not used the ointment yet so I cannot review that but will once I bust it open.
The shampoo and lotion come in a 12oz. bottle retail for approx. $16. The ointment comes in 3oz for $16 or 6oz for $28. They can be purchased at adenandanais.com or on my favorite site, Amazon.com

To recap:
Free of nasty chemicals
Lathers amazing
Smells delicious
Keeps mom smelling great too
The only negative thing I could possible say is that the scent lingers. If you are someone who is sensitive to smells or have someone in your house sensitive to smells and perfumes, this may not be the soap or lotion for you. Everyone else, definitely check it out!

Bman approves, too!

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