Jul 22, 2013

Changes on the way...

Over the past year this blog has focused heavily on Bman and taken shift to all things him. Now while there will still be lots and lots of Bman pictures, posts and updates, it (the blog) will be making a slight shift.

This past year my life really revolved around mommy hood and balancing all the things around that. I don't have to spell it out in details as I am sure many of you are aware (even those without children) what it is like to have a million competing tasks all happening at the same time.  As I took on this new identity as mom, my focus and time was consumed by that, and of course the little man that gave me that title.

I will obviously not stop putting my time and attention in to raising Bman, or step back from strengthening and fostering my marriage, or loving  on my sweet animals, all while helping college students with disabilities, but I am going to take on some new exciting things which will focus a little more on me, and not just entirely on everyone else.  I realize how this might sound, but it is just my way of giving back to myself, and in turn, making me the best version of myself.

The past 365 days have not been kind to my nutrition or  fitness routine and I have failed to make them a priority.  I have enjoyed and indulged, and I am ready to get back to being the 'fit me' that I can only remember in a distant memory.  I don't expect to mirror myself when I was a Division 1 competitive athlete, but I wouldn't mind getting as close to that as possible, if not even showing that 22 year old, 'what's up'.  This is for me, but also for others who may feel motivated by the journey I am going to embark upon.

I am going to leave you in some suspense, but promise to update more as my plan begins to take shape.

Love, Courtney

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