Jul 19, 2013

Dear Brody: A Letter to My Child

Dear Brody-

What an amazing year it has been!  While you will grow and will not have any memory of how fabulous this year has been, I want this letter to be a reminder of all things YOU in your first year of life.  Let this letter be a reminder of how much we are blessed as a family, and how much love you have brought to us all in your short 365 days of existence in this world.

Your father and I always talk about the evening you were born; it was a quiet day at The Birthing Center in Montgomery Regional Hospital and  Dr. Z (whom is amazing) had two patients that day, both of us induced and ready to meet our babies at 6:30am on July 17, 2012.  Being the competitor I am, I wanted to meet you before she met her baby.  We didn't win; you needed a little more time.  The baby in the room next door came in to the world screaming around 2:30pm and remained screaming all. night. long.  You, my sweet babe, arrived at 8:16pm and let out a little cry, but just enough to let us know you were here.  You didn't cry when they pricked your foot for blood, and you even 'smiled' through your first bath (you were probably pooping, because that, you did a whole lot of).

Your temperament remains the same today as it did on the evening you were born.  You cry when you need something, but only for a brief time.  You are always happy, unless you are getting your face wiped after a meal.  I am not sure if you truly hate your faced wiped or if you are mad because meal time is over, but regardless, you quickly transition to the next thing and always do so with your dimply smile.

You are the easy going kid.  When I pick you up from school and ask, "how was his day"?  I always get the look of pleasure and a response such as, "great day.  Bman always has a great day"!  I love that you make life fun and easy for all.  You are patient, and know that your needs will be met.

When life is crazy and hectic, all it takes is one look in your big blue eyes, and I am instantly grounded.  Your curiosity and  innocence reminds me of all that is good in life.   You love to explore new found places but always keep me at a close distance, as if you want me to explore those new sights right along with you.  I know, I get it, life is always better with a friend when learning about new things.  You get this from me; you prefer a partner. You'll crawl a few feet away, pause, sit and wave, and then get right back to it.  You communicate and express yourself so well. All of this is of course done with a big smile.

Throughout this year you have traveled to many places and met lots of new people along the way.  You never shy away from being held by an unfamiliar face; this is again a testament to your temperament and demonstrates a great ability to judge character.  I believe you trust in our judgement to surround you with amazing people.  And just like your father, you are a social butterfly; but together as a family we love to be surrounded in the company of great people.

You laugh so easily and it is so contagious.  I am often baffled at the things you find so funny.  You love your dogs and they are an ongoing source of laughter for you, but you equally find inanimate objects to send you into a chuckle.  Because your laugh can be so unpredictable, it is the reason why I think I love it so much. There is no sweeter sound then when I can't quite see you, but I can hear your amusement with a ball, a car, or even a book.

My sweet boy, as you grow, and meet new people or take on new adventures, I only have a few wishes:

1.  You continue to enjoy all the small things in life.  May a cheap cardboard box always be more thrilling to you than the expensive toy that came in it.

2.  May you continue to be the person everyone says, "he had a great day."  If you have a tough day, move on, it's not the end of the world.  You will have many more days ahead.

3.  I hope you find comfort in knowing your father and I gave you roots to grow, but also wings to fly.  I want for you to explore on your own, but always know that I will be there for you should you choose to go at it with a partner.

4.  As you enter a place of discomfort or unfamiliar territory, approach it the same way you do today: stop and observe and then enter if it seems fitting.  If you need me or your father close by we will do our best to be right there with you; but we will be cautious not to take away from the fact that it is your journey.

5.  I pray you find someone in life who loves you as much as, if not more than I do.  I don't know if anyone could love you more than I do, but I dare them to try.

6.  May you always laugh about the funny things and eventually laugh about the things that at one time did not seem so funny.  Take each one in stride.

7.  I wish for you to surround yourself with people who challenge and compliment you.  Stand up for yourself and know who to invite in, and who to walk away from.

8.  Be forgiving of those who treat you unkind, but be sure to be someone who treats everyone fairly and treat them how you expect to be treated.

9.  Be a leader and influence others to be great.

and finally...

10.  I hope success is easy for you, but that you are humbled by things that are not so easy.  Life will be filled with challenges but continue to give them a second chance, as you so easily do at one year of age.

Brody, I know that you will do big things one day but will allow for you to do them at your own pace, and in your own time.  I will be your partner through this journey, but be careful to not steer the direction which you choose.

I love you little man.  Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face, and thank you for calling me mommy.



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