Jul 18, 2013

12 Months!!

Holy cow, my child is one! My infant is now officially a toddler and you, my dear reader, are about to read your last monthly installment of all things Bman.  Don't get too upset, I am sure there will be plenty of Bman focused posts but this will be my last post like this.   Tear.

Stats:  Will update on Monday after his well visit.  After I saw him with several other children close in age to him I can say he looks about average on the weight and height but his noggin is enormous.  Why did I birth a child with such a large head?

Sleep:  One word: champion; and before you hate me too much, let me just say that:

1.  We know how lucky we are.
2.  If we ever have another baby they will probably be the worst sleeper ever. 

We get it, this will probably never happen ever again.  Brody sleeps amazing.  He is not really deviated far from his routine of 7pm-6:30am in months.
 He would most likely sleep later in the morning but due to my summer work schedule I have to wake him by 6:30 so he and I can get out the door by 7.  In a few weeks I will go back to my normal schedule and Aaron will do drop-off at daycare again which would allow Brody to wake up on his own in the morning.  On vacation last week Brody was sleeping 7-8 most days.  It was so strange to wake up before my child on a day I wasn't headed off to work.

Now that he has moved to the toddler room, (and he is adjusting well by the way)  he is taking one nap in the middle of the day.  He had always taken two naps until Monday, but so far, so good.  The past four days he has slept at least 90 minutes on his cot.  Yes, on a cot.  No crib, but on a cot on the floor.  I was shocked that he even stayed on his cot, let alone fall asleep.

Eat:  As you all have read over the past few months, B loves to eat.  And just like his sweet tooth parents, he loves cake too!  Actually he really likes the frosting, but seemed to dig the cake too.  He is eating all types of food in all food groups, but this is not really new as with Baby-Led Weaning you don't really wait to introduce foods.  No research shows a clear correlation that delaying food groups prevents and allergy.  However, if your child did react to something this method of introducing foods could make it difficult to identify what might be the culprit.  Luckily, this has not been an issue for us or B.

Brody loves:  all fruit that he has been offered but really loves: bananas, watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, strawberries and blueberries.  This is great because these are all the fruits we love and buy most frequently.  He has been a little picky about eating his vegetables lately.  He tried zucchini from my dad's (aka Grampy to B) garden and he loved it!  Grammy prepared it for him with some Parmesan cheese and he was in heaven!  I have been a little less successful with other veggies as of late, but I keep offering them to him.  He does like brocolli, peas, corn, and tomatoes.
 For a long time peppers were his favorite and now he is anything but interested in them.  Oh well, more for us.  He also loves beans, pancakes, (of course) wheat toast, yogurt, chicken, ground turkey.... I could go on and on, he just loves food.

In anticipation for his transition to the toddler classroom, we started offering him cow's milk while on vacation.  He was drinking a small amount with breakfast, lunch and dinner and then nursing morning and evening.  He is drinking all milk from a sippy cup, and gets it from the tap still in the morning and the evening.  I am not pumping anymore so no more breast milk in a bottle or cup.

Development:  This has been so fun to watch.  He is not walking yet but getting pretty close.  He cruises with confidence along the furniture and walls and can pull up barely holding on to anything.

 This past week at my parent's house he discovered the stairs and enjoyed climbing up them.  It reminded me of a scene out of Rocky when he go to the top.  Cue in Eye of the Tiger.

Play:  Peek-a-Boo still takes the lead.  While in Cape Cod last week, Brody was in the tub and my mom was popping her head in an out of the door playing peek-a-boo with Brody.  As she would hide, he would crouch down in the tub as if he was hiding too.  Once she would jump out he would just laugh and jump up. Super cute!

His favorite toys include:  stacking cups, things that light up, wheelie cars, sensory balls, anything he can bang together, his walker and his water table.  He has some really cool blocks that he plays with at school and we really need to find some for home.

Language:  His words are getting more and more clear.  While I could always tell what 'more' and 'all done' were, the words are taking full sharp.  'More' used to be 'mo' but now it is a clear more.  He babbles a lot but I just smile and nod.  I can't wait until I know what his stories are about.

Over the past few days he started pointing at things he wants or areas of the room he wants to go.  Yesterday he was pointing at my glass of water and babbling.  As I brought the glass over to him he smiled and began bouncing.  I love how he can communicate so well with us!  His receptive language skills are excellent too. He can follow very basic one-step instructions (ex. bring the block) and I love that he is so 'helpful'.

Happy 1st Birthday, Brody! You have overwhelmed us with joy and we're so lucky to call you ours!

His last photo shoot like this. Probably a good thing because it was the hardest shoot to date.


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