Jul 30, 2013

Insta Updates

Bman is on the mend and feeling much better. He was supposed to have his well visit last week but it ended up being a sick visit, so back we went today to see Dr. S. Here are his 1 year stats:

Weight- 22lbs (34th%)
Height- 30.5in (68th%)
Head- 18.5in (65th%)

Looks like he's tall and skinny. Hmmmm, wonder where he gets that from? Certainly not me....

Goofing off waiting for the Doc

We had a super low key weekend and it was what all of us needed. We had pancake Sunday for the first time in weeks! Brody ate two whole cottage cheese pancakes, 1 piece of turkey bacon, and 4 strawberries.

Giving Daddy high 5's

Aaron leaves Thursday for a 10 day road trip. Wish me luck as I enter back into single parenting. Lucky for me, B has been in major Mommy love so I don't think he'll be too upset. The dogs will miss their walking buddy for sure!

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