Jul 17, 2013

Bumkins Bibs Giveaway

This Giveaway is now CLOSED.  Thanks for your replies!  

I have two FREE bibs to giveaway!  I shared with the Bumkins team how much I love their super bibs, and how much easier they have made meal time for us.  How did they respond?  They sent me two bibs to giveaway to YOU!

Why are they so super?  For one, they are waterproof.  Food and liquid does not leak through the bib onto the child's clothing.  Two, there is an amazing pocket at the bottom of the bib that catches food that falls from the child's mouth.  Brody also finds this to be amazing when he get's a little 'bonus' after his meal is gone and realizes there are large pieces of food left in the super pocket.  And lastly, you can use them meal after meal without needing to wash them in the washer.  Just rinse under the faucet with a little soap and hang to dry.  We own five of these bibs and I wash each one in the washer once a week.  They are the only bibs I use because they are just that fabulous.

I am hoping I can find them a new home so you too can fall in love with this amazing product.  I have one boy pattern and one girl pattern and I am dying to ship them off to you!

Want to win?  Tell me what your favorite family meal is.  Yup, changing gears from last night but it's a win-win for both you and me.   If your meal is chosen you win a bib; and for me, I will have new menu ideas for my family.  I will choose two meals so be sure to tell me if you prefer the boy or girl pattern in your post.

Ready?  Go!


  1. Last night we had Lemon Shrimp Pasta! I stopped by the marina down the street from us and picked up some fresh, local shrimp. While they were boiling, I cooked up some gluten free pasta. When the shrimp was finished I removed the shells and tossed everything together with some dill from our garden olive oil, and the juice of 2 lemons. Was light, delicious and a perfect summer meal! (My SIL is expecting a baby girl August 10th!!)

    1. Drool..this sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a great idea, win-win for everyone! So my recipe is a tad bit strange as I'm a fish-eating vegetarian, who eats a ton of beans. A few years back (before I started eating fish) I was sad that I couldn't partake in family taco night, so I created my "bean tacos", which I still eat at least twice a month. I use low sodium pink pinto beans (black beans work fine as well), drain well. Dice half a small onion and pepper (share with husband who is eating chicken or ground turkey tacos) and sauté with a tablespoon of olive oil in a small pot. Once your veggies are softened, add the beans. Stir together and season with salt, pepper, garlic (fresh garlic is better but powder works in a pinch) and a generous shake (or two) of Worcester sauce. Stir on and off until beans come to a mushy consistency, but firmer than re-fried beans.

    This recipe allows you to still enjoy taco night with all the delicious add-ons (salsa, cheese, fresh cilantro, etc.). It's also great over a bed of greens with a little olive oil. They key is the worcester sauce, so go light on the added salt.

    My little one is five and a half months, so food is right around the corner. I hope to share this recipe with her some day soon, but I will just be sure she drinks a lot of fluids since it is very fiber heavy!