Mar 8, 2013

Catching Up...

I have big dreams of posting things on the blog in a timely manner but then life gets in the way.  Here is a short recap of last weekend's travel to Greensboro, NC to watch the Men's ACC meet.

First let me start off by saying the Hokie Swimming and Diving Teams had their their best championship season to date.  Both Men and Women finished second in the ACC and are sending large rosters to NCAA's.  So proud of the hubs and all the staff for making these huge strides.  Feels good to be a Hokie!

Bman and I were not able to make the women's meet but did travel to Greensboro to see the men.  It's a really easy drive- about two hours and fifteen minutes of all highway.  It's the perfect length of trip for Brody; anything more than that he starts to get restless in his car seat.  I left Friday night after Bman was fed and bathed I put him in his car seat and he slept the entire way.  We arrived to Greensboro around 9:30 and of course he work up and wanted to party.  I had packed the pack and play for him to sleep in but had too much to carry from the car so I decided I would just have him sleep in the bed with us.  Let me just say I have no idea how people sleep with their children in the bed.  None of us slept very well.  Brody tossed and turned and could not roll to his belly (how he normally sleeps) because the mattress seemed too soft.  When he did sleep he slept nearly on top of me.  I felt like he was a newborn again; he slept in 3-4 hour stretches and of course was ready to rock and roll for the day around 8am.  Ugh! 

Although it was rough, we survived the night and when Aaron headed to prelims Bman and I headed out to do some shopping.  Since we have very little access to stores and shopping in this beautiful college town we live, I drove to Durham for a fun filled, wallet empting day.  We are transitioning from a queen bed to a king and of course we need all new bedding in addition to a bedframe.  I have done lots of online looking but wanted to touch and feel everything before just buying.  I was eyeing a bed from West Elm but of course I needed to see it before just buying.  Brody was a trooper; he shopped like a big boy in his stroller and was super patient as I went in and out of every home store several times.  My pat on the back moment was dining alone with Brody.  He did awesome and shared my steak salad with me.  He had some garlic bread too which he loved!

Finals for the meet started at 7 and we arrived early for parking.  The parents and families loved seeing Brody and he was passed around a ton which gave me a small break.   The session was quick and Brody slept through most of it.  By 9:30 he was back in his car seat and we headed back to Blacksburg.  He slept the whole way home (thank goodness) and then slept much better at night in his own bed.

It was a crazy quick trip but super fun as well.  Brody seems to be a great traveler and I am so grateful for that.  he just goes with the flow and tolerates the hustle and bustle.  He really is Super baby :)

 This video cracks me up!  I have no idea why it is blurry- anyone with Nikon SLR experience??  Sometimes when I put it in video mode the video is blurry...

 My little lunch date.  Such a big boy in a highcharir!
Go Hokies!

Here is a sneak peak at the items purchased for the Master Bedroom makeover:

Upholstered headboard

 Gray duvet (looks and feels like a big cloud)
 Gray stripped pillow cases
A dash of color- throw pillows in coral

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