Mar 15, 2013

BLW Updates

Although I post a billion pics of the Bman eating on Facebook it's been awhile since I have posted on the blog about his eating. is Baby-Led Weaning going? 

It's been almost two months since we began giving Brody solids and he is really starting to get the hang of it.  I would say he still mostly sucks/chews on food and spits it out but he is managing to eat more these days.  He seems to like all food and textures offered; I cannot think of anything we have given him that he has not tasted and from what we can tell enjoyed.  I am getting a little more adventurous with what I am giving him.  It used to just be plain fruits and veggies with no seasoning or meat just baked; however, now, I am really giving him what we are eating for dinner.  I will say he is a much bigger fan of meat when it is seasoned or in sauce.

My fear of him choking has lessened a bit.  I have much more trust in him and confidence that he will take manageable bites.  He still gags every now and then but I just remind myself he is learning on what 'manageable' really means.  There have been times I have literally had to sit on my hands to keep myself from reaching in his mouth and scooping out food.  This (reaching in the mouth) is a big no-no in the world of BLW because you could actually end up pushing the food back further and causing them to choke when they otherwise would have worked it out with their tongue.  Yes, major trust in your kiddos abilities is needed for this method of feeding.

I have been so impressed with how much his fine motor skills have improved since beginning this stage.  At first the food needed to be in large spears for him to grab; and although I still offer him a lot of food shaped like this he is really efficient with cheerios, puffs and things like peas.  This practice at the table is clear in other areas too.  Although I know he is nearly 8 months and his fine motor skills would have refined around this time, I really think the eating has been a huge help.  He is so aware of his hands and all the things he can grab, touch/feel, and throw with them. 

We are having a blast while learning with our little man.  What I love even more is that he enjoys meal times with us.  When we dine out or have friends over he is (mostly) independent with eating. This leaves me free to eat as well and enjoy the time with our company. 
Are you ready for the photo blast??  Well even if you're not it's coming anyway :)

 Avocado and broccoli

Hard to see, but he is also enjoying some shredded chicken which was cooked in the crockpot with salsa and cream cheese.  He loves this (and so do we)!
Seriously loving Mango... not a taste I love but he sure did!
 Orange peppers (still a favorite)
I was so impressed with his coordination to use the spoon.  I would give him the yogurt on a pre-loaded spoon and he would bring it right to his mouth.  When he wanted more he handed it back to me.  This was such a mess but he seriously loved the yogurt!

These next few pictures are my favorite meal time photo so far...
 Pesto stuffed tortellini and peas

I didn't plan on giving his red sauce but I was eating mine with sauce and he looked less than thrilled that he was not offered exactly what I was eating

 How cute is this messy face?  And surprisingly the bib can out spotless after some heavy pre-treating and three washes
 Sunday's have become pancake day in our house.  Brody loves them and we have been enjoying as well!  Last week was whole wheat with applesauce and cinnamon.  He's enjoying a side of banana too.

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