Feb 28, 2013

My Naughty Little Pet

This happened last week but somehow slipped my mind....

Right before Christmas Aaron saw a field mouse scurry across the mud room and slip under the washer machine. It was 4:45 am and we were getting ready to head to the airport and fly home to Mass. Weeks passed with no sight of the mouse and we sort of forgot about it.

One morning in late January, I was rushing around the house (as I do every weekday morning) and noticed the cat sitting on top of the basket of shoes by the door. He was digging at it and guarding the basket with his life. Aaron came home from practice and I mentioned the cat's behavior. He then took the basket outside and dumped it out. Low and behold the mouse ran off into the bushes.

We weren't really convinced our problem was solved; the mouse could get in somewhere so we figured he'd be back...

Aaron calls me last week to share this story:

He went home to let the dogs out for lunch. Both were crazy and excited (as usual) and all seemed normal at Casa Bell. After a quick walk around the block Aaron let the pups back in and Bella ran off to the living room. Meanwhile, Willis was acting nuts: jumping, barking and doing his prance he does when he has 'something to tell you.' Aaron was in the kitchen, Willis was acting like a maniac and Bella... Wait, where's Bella? Aaron looks over the counter into the living room to find Bella laying quietly in he dog bed. Anyone who knows Bella knows this is unusual. Aaron walks over and sees Bella and a dead mouse laying next to her! Aaron walked over closer to make sure he saw correctly and Bella put the mouse in her mouth and runs away!! Ewwww.

The mouse completely dead but in tact, is inside the mouth of my overly kissy dog. Aaron commands her to drop the mouse and shockingly she does. Aaron grabs some paper towels and takes he mouse out to the trash.

Sweet Bella... Found a new friend. Not sure who actually killed the mouse but glad to know someone got the job done and that I did not come home to this craziness.

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