Dec 16, 2012


As I spent the better part of my weekend snuggling with my baby, I could not get the families who lost a loved one on Friday out of my head. How do you cope with the loss of a child yet alone a loss in the way which happened at Sandy Hook Elementary?

As a mother and an educator I am numb with the reality of our scary world. I am selfishly glad that Brody is too young to know about such horror and that I don't have to try to piece together something that makes sense to explain to him what happened. I want to shield him from all evil; help him to understand what it means to be kind, giving, and loving. But again, my mind races back to those children gone too soon. I'm sure their families wanted the same for them and never dreamed their school in their quiet New England town could hold such evil.

Our world can be so dark and ugly, and I hope these families can find some light in the midst of what probably feels like eternal darkness. I hope the police find some answers and our government takes a serious look at the issues at hand.

On this Sunday night I am grateful for my happy, healthy family but there is a shadow slightly looming over this happiness; some families have empty beds in their home and it's weighing heavy on my heart....

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