Dec 19, 2012

5 Months Old!

Has it seriously been five months since I fell in love with the Bman???  Please tell me time slows down a little because at this rate I feel like he will be headed off to Kindergarten any day now!  It's amazing the joy he continues to bless us with and in light of all the sadness occurring in Newtown, CT I feel even more blessed and fortunate to have this handsome fella in my life.

Stats:  No official updates on stats but I am pretty sure he could challenge Santa with his round belly!  He is growing so quickly and I have officially put away almost all of the 6m or 3-6m clothing.  A few items still fit but it's more of a personal attachment I have to some outfits as to why they are still in drawers.  Anyone else have a difficult time putting away some of those adorable items??  We have mostly transitioned to 6-12m and 9 month clothing and used up the last of the size 2 diapers the other day.

Eat: Still just eating breast milk and so far still seems content.  He typically eats only 5 times a day, sometimes 6 if he wakes early enough for me to squeeze one more session before I head off to work.  He takes three 5oz bottles at school and just nurses in the morning and evening before bed.  Since he is happy with the liquid diet I am holding off on solids until 6 months.  All of you baby and food experts please feel free to weigh in on what foods you first offered and any advice/suggestions you have for us as we will venture in to unfamiliar territory.

Sleep:  Brody wins the award is best sleeper ever; well maybe aside from his father, but for a baby he sleeps awesome.  Still sleeping a minimum of 10 hours at night and usually right around 11.  We still have the firm 7pm bedtime and he wakes between 5-6:30am.  He takes 3-4 small naps (30-60 minutes) throughout the day but will sometimes sleep for an hour and a half in the afternoon.  He self soothes himself to sleep and during the day he has grown fond of snuggling with his puppy.  I don't give it to him at night and he seems OK with this.  We have officially transitioned him out of the nap nanny (yes, we were allowing him to sleep on it in the crib which is not recommended) and he is sleeping just flat on his back or he rolls to his belly.  I always find it amusing to see how I will find him in the morning and in what location in the crib.  He is waking more frequently at night and wants his binkie or repositioned.  Sometimes he gets wedged against the back part of the crib or an arm is sticking out the rails and he can't move.  I was thinking about getting a breathable bumper to prevent him from doing this- do any of your use them?

Play:  Just this past week Brody figured out how to roll front to back and he is a rolling machine!  He enjoys to play on the floor an alternate positions and grab/reach for objects around him.  Usually it is whatever he can get his hands on to go in his mouth.  He has been enjoying playing in the exosaucer for short periods (5-10 minutes) at a time and he loves peek-a-boo.  He began smiling doing this game about a month ago but now he chuckles and finds it so funny!  He also loves music!  We have this Munchkin brand cube that plays Mozart and various instruments.  Whenever I touch it and make it play he looks toward the object.

He's smiling at his partner in crime, Bella.

Development:  As I mentioned he is rolling front to back now.  He is not overly fast at getting from his back to his belly but he eventually gets there.  No teeth yet (that I can see) but he has not figured out how to get his toes in his mouth.  He found his feet a few weeks ago and loves to grab them.  It's good because it gives his hands a break.  He is also working really hard on trying to sit.  He can sit unassisted for super short periods of time but if you put the boppy pillow behind him he is more successful for longer periods. 

Language:  Lots and lots of talking going on.  He loves when you talk back to him and 'speak his language.' He just gets a hoot out of it!  He is doing lots of babbling and combining consonants and vowel sounds together "ma-ma, " and "ba-ba."  He is not assigning these to any specific person or thing (at least I don;t think he is) but he is practicing for when he is ready.

Brody will continue to experience lots of first over these next few weeks including: his first plane ride, his first time to Massachusetts, first time meeting cousins, meeting great-grandma's, his first Christmas and so much more!  We can't wait to show him off to family and friends!

Happy 5 Months, Bman!


From our family to yours we are wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. XOXO

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