Dec 30, 2012

Holiday Recap

We are home and recovering from a fabulous trip up north to Massachusetts. Brody did amazing on all plane rides and continues to be super baby, handling every new challenge we throw his way like a champ. We bounced here, there and everywhere and he was in high spirits the whole week. In stead of a text heavy post I'm going to leave it (mostly) to the pictures to tell the story.

Waiting for our first plane in Roanoke. We had an early flight so he rocked his PJ's for the first half of the day.

Lunch in Charlotte waiting for plane ride #2

Rocking first class with Mommy

My handsome boys!

Thumbs up for the Bman. He slept most of the way.
When we arrived in Boston our first stop of the trip was to meet his great gramdma, Grammy Annie.

On Sunday we met at my friend Shannon's house to have brunch with my high school friends. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I am so lucky to have the greatest friends.

Bman with Jill

Jamison, Joleen and Brody

Shannon (the hostess) playing with Brody

Kirby, Colleen and Bridget

Kristin and Joleen

Colleen and Brody

Kristin and big sister-to-be, Emma

Jaxson and Emma having a blast dancing

The worlds most fabulous friends. The boys were there too- hanging out in the man cave drinking Jesse's (Shannon's hubby) home brew.

Christmas Eve

Liam driving his sisters on the tractor

Grammy and Bman

Addy letting Brody have a turn to sing into the mic.

Auntie Leann and Brody

Cousins! Riley, Addy and Brody

Our entertainment for the night

Brody in the jumparoo Christmas Morning

Brody and Shawn (3 weeks older than Brody)

Kristin and I with our babes

Brody meets Andrea and Dave!
Whew! It was a jammed packed week filled with lots of fun! Brody loved spending time with his family and meeting new friends. Although we were sad to leave we were also happy to get home and fall back into a routine.

Goodbye, Massachusetts! Hopefully we'll be back soon!
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