Dec 2, 2012

Meeting Santa!

Brody was begging to meet Santa so off we went to the mall. In years past I always noticed the long lines, train rides and children screaming and wondered what it would be like when I had my own tot. Although it was really fun to watch Brody smiling ear to ear as Santa's Elf danced a bear in front of his face, I also learned a few things in the process:

1. When your infant is going through a (hopefully short) phase of spitting up after every feeding, change him in line while waiting. He went through all the outfits we brought and we had to buy a shirt at Old Navy because his "for wearing when taking a picture with Santa" shirt was saturated with spit up.

2. I need to own a store, farm or something that I can hire a Santa for. What a money maker! When I asked about the a la carte menu the lady chuckled at me and redirected me to the package pricing. Ok... i guess I'll take two overly priced (and horrible photo quality) 5x7s for $25.

3. Brody is at the perfect age for this. He's not yet learned "strange danger" so he sat and smiled as if he really enjoyed himself. The 8 month old infant in front of us was having no part of Santa but her mom sat her there anyway. I think Rudolph could hear her screams from the parking lot. What a cruel concept... But cute all at the same time.

Even though the cost is outrageous I wouldn't have dreamed of not having Brody's picture with Santa. However, I may have researched a little better to have found a place that allowed me to take my own photo. Lesson learned.

Check him out!®ion=en-US&q=High&ts=0&PK=cb45c440-e221-4250-a455-a7307733316b
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