Nov 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at the beach!

We hit the road and headed to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Bell side of the family. Aaron's sister, Natalie and her husband Stephen made the trip from Orlando with their two kiddos Paige (4) and Parker (2). It was laid back and a great reminder of what we were celebrating. Aaron and I sure have a lot to be Thankful for this year (and every year.)

Brody is a road warrior and did great on the way there. He had a few minor meltdowns but I'm going to blame those on the fact he had his four month shots the day before and was just not quite himself. We're still on the road home and so far he's been happy playing in his seat or sleeping. Hopefully he can make it the last leg of about an hour and a half without freaking out. We did stop in Raleigh to do some shopping and grab some lunch.

Paige reading to Brody- how sweet!

Brody and Aunt Natalie

Thanksgiving on the beach!

The Bell's and the Lee's

Parker playing with Brody in the gym

Brody's first time with his toes in the sand!


Paige and Parker

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