Nov 16, 2012

What a difference a year makes...

One year ago today I learned I was pregnant. I had scheduled an appointment with an OBGYN as I was "in the market" for new doctors after the move. The nurse asked for a urine sample after we looked at a calendar and determined pregnancy was certainly a possibility. Three to five minutes later it was confirmed; I was in fact pregnant.

My relationship with Dr.Z started out rough. He was very clinical (almost cold and harsh) and I was conflicted because here I was interviewing him, but ultimately I just became his patient. It took some time but we eventually bonded over being Bobcats, (yes he's an OU Grad) have lived in Buffalo and he's a swim ref. Once he found out Aaron was a swim coach he developed a man crush and his bedside manner improved (drastically).

Ok, back to pregnancy... Aaron was out of town until Sunday. Although I was ecstatic I wanted to tell him in person so I waiting until he returned. I thought I would do something cute to tell him but I just ended up blurting it out. I sort of caught him off guard but of course he was super excited to begin this journey.

And what a journey it's been! We are beyond blessed and thankful for sweet Brodyman. He is the most amazing thing we've ever done! And boy, does he make it easy and us look like parents of the year. Although he's always happy and is a fabulous sleeper, it's all him. He's just he best.
Thank you for this journey Brody! I know you are waaaay to young to understand this but we love you for what you've given to us.

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