Nov 13, 2012

No Bella!

No Bella. I am fairly confident that this will be Brody's first 'sentence.' Bella is our overly excited, eager to please, food stealing and now spit up craving Weim.

Brody's morning floor time has become impossible. While he plays on his back or tummy Bella is just a short distance away waiting (and hoping) he'll spit up. Or maybe have a booger. Either or she's very close by waiting to lick it off his face. I know, I know- GROSS! I am obviously a dog person and am not one to freak out over the dog kissing Brody but this has become overkill. I can hear all the non dog lovers, germ freaks chiming in to this and yes, I'm not really ok with it.

Our morning routine looks a little like this: Brody wakes between 5:30-6:30, he eats and then plays for a bit on the floor. I plop him down on either a blanket with toys or in his play gym while I run downstairs to grab some coffee. Then he and I enjoy some playtime together. It used to be that Bella would just lay down but she now stalks him for spit up. As he plays on the floor I am left shouting at her trying to push her away. Did I mention she's persistent? This is a girl who won't be told no- such a diva! And an annoying Diva at that. It usually ends with me scooping the baby off the floor because I am exhausted of yelling at her. I hate to lock her out but she's on the brink of being banned from Brody's room during tummy time!

Horrible picture but you get the gist....

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