Nov 18, 2012

Holy Hell!

I cannot even believe that Thanksgiving is this week! I feel like I say this every year but it has seriously snuck up on me. Life is moving at lightening speed and I wish at times it would slooooow down. I partially do this to myself because I wish away the weeks just to look forward to the weekend; or live from event to event as a way to manage my calendar. In hopes to really let the day linger today, after I did my grocery shopping (was done by 10am) I showered, hopped back in my pajamas and truly had a lazy Sunday. I feel like I succeeded in that the day was full of floor play, naps and snuggles and even squeezed in two walks with the pups. I live for days like this!

We're headed to Myrtle Beach to celebrate the holiday with Aaron's family. Brody will finally get to meet his cousins, Paige and Parker and his Aunt Natalie and Uncle Stephen. We are super excited to see them! I have to work half day on Wednesday and we'll leave right from there. It's a 6 hour trip and I'm hoping Brody is prepared for some quality time in his car seat.

Speaking of car seats, Brody has a new friend that he has to have when in his seat- his taggy puppy. He received this as a gift from my friend Jill and about two weeks ago Aaron gave it to him in his car seat before taking him to school. This dog is the baby whisperer! Not a peep out of him while he crinkles the pups ears and rubs the satin tags. Lets hope this keep him happy on Wednesday!

Brody's 4 month appointment is Wednesday and I'll update then on his stats. He hasn't been since 9 weeks so I am anxious to see how much he has grown. Any guesses on what this chunky monkey weights?

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