Nov 19, 2012

4 Month Photo Shoot

This was by far the most difficult photo shoot to date.  He enjoyed everything except looking at the camera and smiling (I know how rude of me to expect him to sit still and stare.)  His feet are all the rave to him right now so slamming them down on the mattress was a hoot! I have been using his giraffe sound machine as a prop since his one month pictures and he became a huge distraction.  Mouthing, hugging, grabbing... you name it!  I'm still using the iPhone to capture pictures so they are a little blurring.  Enjoy!

 "1...2...3...4...I'm four months old!"

 "See you kick them like this."

 "It's fun to kick my feet and shake my arms."

  " Brody!"

 "Mr. Little G, where are you going?"

 "Hi Mom!"

 "Oh, hey Mr. Little G."

"Gotcha!  I'm never letting you go!"

The last picture is my favorite.  I edited it through intagram and love the antique look it gives Brody (and Little G.)

And for comparison sake...

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