Oct 7, 2012

Week in Review

I think it's fair to say that all of us had a fabulous week and survived the hectic pace. Brody seems to be doing great at school and the teachers love him! When I pick him up in the evening he is usually one of two children left and he is always in the arms of his teacher smiling and cooing away. I have only one complaint and really this is not a huge deal but I have high expectations because of having worked in a fabulous center with some of the best early childhood educators southeast Ohio has to offer. Aaron does drop off and when he brings him between 9:30/10 he gets to both interact with the teachers and see the room in full swing. When I pick up at 5:30 the full time teachers are gone and the aftercare staff is there. Luckily the staff for Brody is consistent, and he will always have Miss Sarah (unless she's out of course) from 4-5:30. She is super nice and seems to love my babe but I don't get much from her in the way of feedback about his day. It's typically, "Kathy and Rhonda wanted me to check with you...." So everything is relayed back to the teachers. Again, this is me nitpicking- I am used to working in a center where a master teacher is always there so the parents always had interaction from one of the two teachers.

My second "complaint" is less of a compliant and more of a disappointment. I was hoping that this would be a great opportunity for Aaron and I to make some friends. With 11 babies in Brody's class a few sets of parents were bound to be people we may get along with. Since he's one of the last to be picked up I haven't had a chance to meet any other families. Maybe over time my path with cross with some of the other moms and dads.

In other exciting news, my parents came into town from Mass. this weekend and we had a great time! Although I have no pictures (grrr) to document that they were here in Blacksburg and that we had a fabulous time; they were and we did! The weather wasn't so great for visiting the pumpkin farm as planned but we found other ways to fill our time together. Aaron and I were even super lucky to get out for our first date night since Brody was born. We had fun conversing without being distracted by a handsome baby. We did however have a challenging time finding anything else to talk about other than said handsome baby. I will say that two glasses of wine and going to bed at midnight makes for a not so fun 5am wake up call. Luckily, Brody was more than willing to snuggle up for a two hour nap an hour after waking. These naps are even sweeter when they are limited to weekends only.

We hope you all had a great weekend! Unfortunately, neither Virginia Tech or Radford observe Columbus Day tomorrow so we're back to the grind!

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