Oct 1, 2012

First Day Success!

We all survived what is sure to be one of many long days! Although routines were hectic I relished in my morning with the little man as I knew our evening would be short. I tried to delay his evening bath as long as I could to squeeze in some extra cuddle time. He wasn't having it- by 6:45 he was ready for bath and bed and he was zonked out by 7:15. I guess that means he had a great day.

The report from his teachers was that he is a mellow and easy baby. Yup, I already knew that. They of course laughed at me because I had everything labeled and lots of notes for them. Aaron did drop off and even though we discussed everything for him to tell Miss Kathy and Miss Rhonda I didn't want him to forget anything. I also sent enough milk for two babies- this apparently was amusing to the teachers and as they said "typical" of new moms. Since he has been pretty much exclusively breastfed I have absolutely no idea how much he eats at one feeding. I sent five bottles with 5 oz. in each! I now realize this was totally outrageous.  But no harm, two full bottles came home with me. He ate two bottles of 4oz and one of 3oz. So some wasted liquid gold, but not too horrible. Tomorrow he is going with four 4oz. bottles- the fourth is the "just in case" bottle.

I had a wonderful day as well. I was welcomed back to work with donuts, fruit and coffee. How wonderful! It was exactly what I needed on my first day back to the grind and leaving my handsome babe for the first time. It was nice to socialize with the ladies, eat with two hands and of course work with students.

Today also marked day one of my intimate relationship with the pump. I am so fortunate to have a very supportive supervisor who allows me the time to pump as frequently as I need to. However, pumping is so much more time consuming than just feeling the baby. It really didn't take me as much time, actually it probably took less, but washing all the parts after each feeding just seems consuming. I will get used to this- I am determined to make it work!

I am glad today was a success and I am also glad it's over. Just writing about it makes me tired. Oh... how could I forget to mention what really helped me get trough the day (besides the overload of coffee and sugar) was watching Brody roll over from front to back the first time this morning! He did it several times and once again to tonight. Oh, I just love that little guy!

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