Sep 29, 2012

A Sleeping Baby Is A Beautiful Thing...

As mentioned in my last post Brody is doing amazing in his own room and officially sleeping through the night. Although technically sleeping through the night is classified as 8 hours straight of sleep and he has been doing that for a few weeks, he is now sleeping 9-10 hours consistently. His evening schedule remains the same: bath by 6:30-6:45, nurse, swaddle and he hits the mattress by 7-7:15. He begins stirring around 4:30am and wakes sometime between 5-5:30. Ahhhh, it's a beautiful thing! I'm not sure if it's the structure and predictable schedule we've implemented  or if I just have a baby that loves to sleep, but either way I'm in love with this new schedule! Oh, and when he wakes in the morning he is the most fun! Smiles from ear to ear and lots of cooing and "storytelling."

I know that his schedule can change at any moment, and with all the changes in environment and schedule for us both next week, I fully anticipate this being the case. We'll just roll with it and see how it goes. It will be an adjustment for us all!

My new shorter, darker "mommy cut." Brody was a hit at the hair salon- all the ladies loved him!

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