Sep 27, 2012

Tummy Time!

Since we moved Brody upstairs to his crib (which is going AWESOME and deserves its own post) we have been spending much more time in his room. He has such a nice big space to sprawl out and play. The downstairs is mostly hardwood while upstairs Brody has a really soft, plush carpet and makes for a great place for tummy time.
Brody always really enjoyed his belly (I occasionally let him sleep that way for supervised naps) so tummy time was partially enjoyable for him from day one. Now that his head control is far improved from weeks past, he is holding his head up for extended periods of time and does "baby push-ups." He was really winding up today and was close to rolling from front to back!

Even Bella likes tummy time...

Willis too!

All smiles today :)
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