Sep 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow, 31! How can that even be? Was it really 10 years ago that I turned 21 and celebrated by renting a red box movie- wait, I mean a VHS from Blockbuster? Ok, none of that is true. I celebrated my 21st in true OU fashion with some fantastic friends. I've been told I had fun and thank god this was before the digital age and without the use of a scanner the photos are only in hard copies. Regardless, I can't believe 10 years have passed since that birthday. The years just seem to fly!

I had a fantastic day. I spent the morning with my little man and the animals. We took a nice three mile walk (yes, pups and all) and hung out at home until Aaron got home for work. Since I'm headed back to work next week we headed to Roanoke to do a little shopping. Although all my clothes fit me again (whoo hooo) I can't say they fit the way they did before I was pregnant. My shopping trip was less than successful; a hungry and tired baby doesn't really make for the best shopping buddy. I got a glance of what's out there and I think some internet shopping is in my future.

Although Aaron already gave me the most amazing gift this year, he bought something pretty cool:

It's a kit to make a necklace with Brody's fingerprint. The kit comes with clay for you to make an impression of the fingerprint and then on the back they will engrave initials. You send the impression back and within two weeks they will send you back the finished project. I cannot wait until I can wear it!

Aaron made me dinner and surprised me with these delicious cupcakes. The ones on the bottom are peanut butter and AMAZING!

I'm excited for what 31 has in store for me. I doubt it can beat 30 but I day it to come close :)

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