Sep 22, 2012

Baby Steps...

After about a week of talking about moving BB to his own room we finally made the move last night. I had grand plans of just putting him in his crib and seeing how it would go, but when it came down to it I just moved his rock and play sleeper (that he has slept in since day one) to his room. Although I knew this would not really be a huge change for him since he is still sleeping inclined, it was a big change for Aaron and I not having him in our room. We have a first floor master so not only did BB move to his own room but he moved to his own floor!

So how did it go? BB had his longest sleep stretch ever! He slept from 7-5 and is back down again for his morning nap. And how did we sleep? Excellent! I woke up twice to check the monitor but that is far less infrequent than I was waking with the noisy baby in the room. I feel really rested and ready to battle the crib tonight!

The "babe magnet" playing in his room before his bedtime routine last night.

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