Sep 20, 2012

Update: Two Months

Brody and I both survived the dreaded two month shots and actually both did better than I thought we would. He got three shots and one oral vaccination- the oral one he took like a champ and the injections caused a few screams and tears but the nurse was fast and after a few minutes and lots of mommy hugs he left smiling.

Stats from month two:

Weight- 12lbs 14oz (77%) that's a three pound gain from four weeks ago

Length- 23.75in (77%) which is a two inch gain in four weeks

Head Circumference- 16.5 (90%) this is a 1.5 inch growth since month one

Brody is certainly a healthy boy! Dr. S was impressed with his head control, movement and language development. Brody was telling Dr. S lots of stories as he examined him. Lots of "oooooooo's" and "maaaa's" I like to think he's saying "mom" :)

Playing with Mortimer the Moose while we wait for Dr. S

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