Oct 10, 2012

The "Siblings"

It's been awhile since I've blogged about the pets and how they have adjusted to Brody man and me heading back to work. What better opportunity than a Wednesday night to update everyone?

The pets are all great with Brody. I knew Willis would be because he is just good with kids and has a quiet demeanor.... Well, until you ring the doorbell. Bella was the one I was mostly concerned about because she gets jealous very easily. If she were sitting near me and Willis came over she would bark or sit on top of me. All of these things concerned me as I didn't know how she would react with me holding a baby all day. I will say that after 12 weeks she is a great big sister- instead of protecting me she protects the baby but without any aggressive behavior. She sits under the chair when I'm nursing and lays near him when he's playing on the floor. It's really sweet.

The pet that seems to be having the most trouble adjusting is Bradycat. He has been starving for attention and when I'm feeding Brody he wants nothing more then to sit on top of him. It's actually really annoying because no matter how many times I push him off he persistently jumps back up. He's also been "chewing" on the walls, knocking everything off tables, counter, etc. I've tried to spend more time with him but sadly there is just not enough hours in the day to give all the pets the attention they need.

Since returning to work everyone is a little less active. Aaron comes home for lunch and takes them around the block and then in the evening either I take them for the .5 mile loop or we all go together, but they definitely aren't getting the off leash or long walks like they were when I was home. If it weren't so dark in the morning I would gladly do a short walk but we live in a very wooded area and its way too dark to walk. Is is late spring/summer yet??

Yesterday morning while playing in Brody's room I caught Willis catching up on some heavy reading...

Guess he wants to see how his brother is developing. What a sweet pup!

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