Oct 17, 2012

3 Months!

Sweet bliss. That's how I'll describe how Aaron and I feel about Brody Man. He truly is an amazing baby and we count our blessings everyday that he's ours, healthy and loved by so many.

He is adjusting to his new normal and the ladies at school adore him. They constantly remind me of how easy going and sweet natured he is. According to his teachers he only fusses when he's nearing the three hour mark between feedings but they have become really in tune with his cues leading up to this point so they have the bottle ready and waiting before a meltdown sets in. Aaron too is loving his mornings with Brody- serious man time! I am so happy that they get to have that special time together.

Stats: I don't have any weight or length stats this month since he'll go to the doctor next month. I don't even own a scale to weigh him but I guess I could measure his length. He is growing like a weed so I wouldn't be surprised if he's another inch longer. His 3-6 and 6 month clothes are going to have a short life- and we just started wearing them three weeks ago! Amen for hand me downs and lots of clothes ready and waiting in the next size up.

Sleep: Aaron and I joke that we hit the jackpot in this department. Brody is sleeping 11-12 hours at night consistently for the past two weeks. it increased from 9-10 hours over a week and then jumped to 11-12. He hits the mattress no later than 7:30 but usually it's more like 7. Our routine remains the same in the evening as it always has: bath by 6:30/6:45, nurse, swaddle and bed. He then wakes between 6-7am. Selfishly I miss him waking around 5:30 because I enjoyed our mornings together before I would head off to work. I am definitely missing this time and our mornings are super rushed but this kids loves to sleep and I love him for that. His naps during the day are short- about 30-60 minutes and he takes between 3-4 at school and one in the morning with Aaron. So on average I'd say he's sleeping 15-16 hours/day (give or take).

Eat: He's taking to bottle feeding like a champ. Although he still nurses in the morning and evening he's mostly taking bottles. No gas or crazy spit-up so I'll take this as a sign he's ok with the bottles we're using. We have others on back-up just in case. I've been on the phone with the lactation consultants trying to figure out if he's getting enough everyday. My supply is not an issue; it's actually the opposite. I seem to have way more than he is eating through bottle feeding and I wanted to make sure he doesn't need more than I am sending everyday. He goes to school with four 4oz bottles and typically only eats 3 (only once did he eat the fourth bottle). He is sleeping, happy and appears to develop new fat roles so the lactation consultant said not to worry about it and keep freezing the extra. We are getting close to needing an additional freezer to store this ridiculous stash of breast milk.

Play: He swats and grabs objects held over his head, giggles at me and Aaron, and still loves his play gym. He used to just hit things around him but his movements are more intentional now. So much so that tummy time is out the window because as soon as you put him on his tummy he rolls over so he can see the world. I put him in the bumbo chair to get a new perspective but I'm not convinced he really loved it.

Language: Lot's of talking going on! And he will answer back when I talk to him. He likes when I speak his language of "goo goo, ga ga." When I speak to him like this it's sure to spark a smile. Loving the language and social development!

This photo shoot was very challenging in comparison to the ones at one and two months. He was very active and wanted to eat his hands. I need a camera other than my phone for this busy baby!

Brody has recently found his tongue and loves to stick it out. He also loves to blow bubbles with his own saliva.

Happy three months, sweet boy! You are a little slice of heaven.

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