Sep 17, 2012

Road Trip!

We seem to keep getting lucky every time we throw a new challenge at Brody because this weekend he completely rocked the 5 hour car ride (both ways), long days on the go and noisy crowds! He's such a trooper!

We hit the road Thursday night and hoped that he would sleep the whole way. I kept his evening routine the same: bath, lotion, nurse and bed. My biggest concern was that he is typically swaddled and I of course can't swaddle him and then harness him in the carseat. I did however wrap one of his Aden and Anais blankets around him tightly once he was buckled in to keep his arms from flailing and waking himself up. I'm not sure if it was the pseudo swaddle, the routine or just that he rocks, but he slept the whole way to Pittsburgh! We arrived around midnight and he got a quick diaper change, nursed and back to sleep he went.

On Friday we met my college roommates Shannon and Heather with their families at the Pittsburgh Zoo. It was a gorgeous day and we had a ton of fun looking at the animals and catching up with each other.

The Poleski Family

Me and Shannon with our babes

College roomies with their boys

Brody doesn't know it yet but his favorite animal is the giraffe

Our family!

Cute Nicholas

Brody is wide awake after a great nap

The Fisher family enjoying lunch at the zoo

After the zoo we met the in-laws for dinner and again Brody just chilled while we ate. He really is so laid back and just goes with the flow. The day was so busy and off routine that I wasn't even sure how much he slept or ate that day. It was kind of nice to not be staring at the clock trying to figure out when he last ate. Since any type of routine was out the window I had no idea how he would sleep but he certainly surprised me because he kept 9.5 hours Friday night! I even got 8 because I went to bed right after him! I was so glad because Saturday was going to be another long day.

Luckily we had great weather and awesome company because on Saturday we watched Virginia Tech get murdered in football against Pitt. VT was definitely the favorite but did not show up to play.

My friend Kerry from Massachusetts just moved to Pittsburgh. So wonderful to see her!

Shannon and I with two sleepy boys

Nick the hunk!

The Poleski Family

My view for most of the game. He slept a good portion of the game in the Moby

We headed back yesterday and on the way out if town we stopped and had breakfast with two of our friends from Buffalo who happened to be visiting family in Pittsburgh. Oh, how we miss the MacDiarmid family! I was too excited and had so much to catch up on I forgot to get a picture.

Since we were unsure how the B man would do we left earlier in the day so we could get home at a decent hour. He seriously did amazing! We had a few more stops than normal but he was very content in his carseat. Such a little road warrior!

Today we rest, relax and try to get back into a routine. I am praying I don't get mastitis from all the bottle feeding that occurred this weekend. Brody has an open bar all day in hopes to prevent any infections :).

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