Sep 13, 2012

Getting Organized

In anticipation for my return to work I've been researching ways to get more organized in the house and trying to implement them now. I've been clearing out junk and purging the things we just don't need. Everyday I try to tackle a closet, drawer, box, etc. Since we just moved (for the third time this year) a few months ago, the task is not that daunting. I have set aide about 15-30 minutes a day on this.

I always plan my weekly meals on Sunday but I am not always the best at sticking to the menu and I never take a list. I have no idea why not I just don't. I make a mental note of what we'll eat all week and then shuffle off. In the chaos that will be life once I return to work, I know I need a better plan. So with the help of Pinterest I have created a menu board and also jotted down some of our favorite recipes on index cards with the ingredients needed on the back.

Let's hope this is the solution I need to still be able to plan quick and healthy recipes for my family! My next project is a cleaning board which assigns a cleaning task daily. I do not want to spend my weekends cleaning- I would so prefer to just spend 30 minutes everyday doing something. Well Aaron and I both doing something. He will have assigned tasks too :)

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