Sep 10, 2012


Seriously, where have the last 8 weeks gone? I know everyone says to enjoy the moments because they grow so fast and boy, do I ever realize that now. He changes so much daily (hourly even.) It's almost like you want to just freeze time to soak it all in. Thank goodness for the digital age and being able to snap a million pictures just to hopefully get a few decent ones. My camera is overflowing with BB pictures!

Yesterday at 5am was one of those moments I had been waiting for- Brody flashed me his gummy smile as I said good morning to him. In the words of stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe, "I die"! Oh the cuteness factor just peaked- my heart melted as he gave me his first intentional smile. Of course I didn't have my camera with me but those dimples are engraved in my brain. I tried to capture it later but the picture below does not do justice to how cute his smile is. This picture is more of a grin:

Don't you just want to gobble him up?? I know he's mine so of course I'm bias but damn, he's cute!

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