Sep 9, 2012

Football Season!

I swear the more chaos I create around Brody the more content he is. We had the opportunity to tailgate not once, but twice this week! Virginia Tech played Georgia Tech in their season opener on Monday and then just 5 days later played again facing Austin Peay. Monday's game had an 8pm kick off so Brody and I just went for the tailgating fun and the headed home. This was his first time meeting many of Aaron's staff so he was given a lot of love and I was able to be hands free for a few hours. He was amazing during all this! Alert and content for the entire time- despite the one picture I took (below) where he just ate and is taking a short snooze.

He crashed in the stroller our walk back to the car and only woke long enough for me to change his diaper and then it was right back to sleep for him. All the stimulation and fun certainly tuckered him out because he slept 8-3:30; 4-7. This was his best night of sleep to date.

Yesterday was another great day of tailgating and this time Brody and I got to go to the game as well. Luckily a friend (thanks Sarah!) had an extra ticket because Lane Stadium requires everyone to have a ticket- yes even a 7 week old! This may be his last game because Aaron and I only have two season tickets. Craziness!

He was once again super alert and hung out in the Moby Wrap most of the game. The noise and commotion somehow soothes him. 76,000 fans jumping up and down to Metallica didn't even phase him. As I said before, the more chaos I create around him the happier he seems to be. We ended up leaving right before half time because there was a crazy storm rolling in and the last thing I wanted was to be stuck outside (with him) in lightning and hail.

"put me in coach"!

Let's Go.....


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