Sep 7, 2012

Me Time Reflections

It's 6:30 on Friday morning and I'm peacefully enjoying a hot cup of coffee while Brody sleeps. The house is quiet and I'm finding myself thinking about my return to work in a few short weeks. The stress and anxiety of leaving Brody has not yet set in but instead I am thinking about how frantic life is going to become.

I've set some goals for myself to complete over the next few weeks in hopes that when I return to work it will make life a little easier on me.

1. Brody still sleeps in our room at night in either the pack and play or the rock and play. His nursery is upstairs (we have a first floor master) and as much as I don't want to have to go upstairs in the middle of the night I have set the goal that in another week Brody will move to his own space. He is a fabulous sleeper- has been from day one but he makes so much noise in his sleep that he keeps me up. I hear him and think he's getting ready to wake up but an hour will pass and he's still sound asleep. By moving him to his own space I am hoping that I will sleep more soundly. Of course this may have an opposite effect as I may lay wide awake worried that I can no longer hear him. We do have a video monitor but his little noises are not really that loud as they come through. I would just hear the real noise when he is really ready to get up.

2. I need to be really organized with the menu planning for the week. Right now I have time during the day to prep dinner so once Brody goes to sleep at 7 we are ready to eat. This of course will not be happening once I return to work so my goal is to figure out a plan to be able to prep on the weekends so the weeknights are not so hectic. I love food- it seriously stresses me out thinking about the dinner routine. It's my time with Aaron and I don't want to lose that. The crock pot is going to be my best friend.

3. Online bill pay. Some of my bills are automatically deducted but some are not. I think a lot of this is because we have moved twice this year and I have not set it up again with all utilities, etc. I will forget to pay the bills if I don't set this up. Life is going to be too crazy.

I am excited to return to work. I love working and how it makes me feel. Leaving Brody at daycare will of course be hard but we have chosen a fabulous center and I know he'll be well cared for and loved. Honestly, it's the routine that stresses me out more than the thought of actually leaving him. Is this wrong? I'm sure as time gets closer the sadness and anxiety of leaving my baby will kick in big time. But for now, I'll enjoy my sweet baby boy and our days together.

Such a happy, handsome boy!

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