Sep 3, 2012

Me Time....

It's 6am on Labor Day and I am holding only a cup of coffee in my hand as the other one updates the blog on my iPad. Yes, this is what I call "me time." It doesn't matter to me that the sun is not up but to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee (while still hot) and not be holding a baby while hoping not to spill hot coffee on him. Ahhh, this is nice.

His night time sleeping is really beginning to fall into a solid pattern. We switched his bedtime from 8pm to 7pm because it just seemed to be what he wanted. I was literally trying to keep him up and wait to do bath time until 7 but he was a crab. So I listened to him and now bath is somewhere between 6-6:30, he nurses, is swaddled and is fast asleep by 7pm. This earlier bedtime is also great for Aaron and I. We get a little more time together in the evening and can eat dinner together at a decent hour. It's a good thing for everyone! He then will sleep anywhere between 12:30-2, nurse and sleep until 5:30 or 6. Some days after this morning feeding he falls back asleep. This is the case today so I am taking advantage and instead of going back to sleep myself I am capitalizing on this extra hour. He'll sleep for another hour or so which allows me one hot cup of coffee and just the silence of a quite house. Well mostly quiet, Bella is snoring it up right next to me.

I'm getting a hang of this motherhood stuff and finding ways to balance both a happy baby and a happy me. The key word in this sentence is definitely balance. Although there is a little less "me time" these days, there is certainly time for it everyday. Amen!

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  1. "Me time" is very important! Glad you are getting the hang of motherhood. For me, the first 6 weeks were the hardest... Thankfully, it just keeps getting better and better each day. Love watching Brody grow!